Wednesday, December 29, 2010

L3sTrs white rose.

I often water down my acrylics and have to set canvases aside to let them dry before I can continue and what sometimes happens is a piece like this. I started this 11 x 14 while waiting for an 18 x 24 to dry. Hopefully I'll finish that one someday and get it up here. In the mean time I finished this one. The fun of these is in the fact that this is a secondary thing I'm doing while waiting on the primary painting to dry so I don't worry about these. If it works it works. Actually this is a cover up of another such piece. I have many art mistresses.
I'm rambling, but that's because this is a really personal piece for me. How could a vomiting robot be personal you ask. Its hard to explain really but that's why I paint it rather than talk it out.
I also love how it seems to be glowing. I intended for it to give the effect of lighting but I didn't expect it to come out as well as it did. Don't mind me just patting myself on the back.
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