Sunday, February 27, 2011

Star Trek continued.

Progress with the orion slave painting. I love her thigh and knee in this. Its unfortunate that despite me shrinking her torso her legs were still too long to fit her feet in the painting. At first I was just planning on having her looking away to nothing as if the viewer, who I hope has a since of desire when seeing the painting, isn't being recoliprocated. Something else has her attention despite her position as a slave. As the painting progressed I didn't like the angle of her "stance" and thought if I added the planet in the back it would help the visual flow of the piece. Again, fucking up and rather than giving up, I just continued to push the painting foreward and see what the result was. Not finished yet but I can see the end and overall I think I'll be satisfied. I'll continue filling in the clouds/mist and then darken the outside edges to bring focus in and leave the brighter background behind her so as not to draw your attention to the moon but keep it on her. Also here's a photo of the original sketch I did while I sat on the phone. That's why there are some notes to the side. No title yet.
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