Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anatomy of a pin-up Part 2

1st step was the costume designs. I sat down with one of the ladies from Creme de les Femme and we went over some designs. Since the girls make all their own costumes we had to make sure I didn't go off the deep end with costuming. The Julie-8 character was fairly simple. Metal body, lab coat, bob haircut, and volume knob pasties. Yup you read right: volume knob pasties.
Then the troupe decides which girls get which character and I then assigned each artist to the characters. Reference of the girl is sent to each artist along with the costume designs.
I immediately start with a realistic pencil sketch of the face and work different poses of the face from that as I try to simplify noticeable features that make that person recognizable. One thing I found troublesome was since we had character designs before we knew who was playing who we had to throw different hairstyles and colors on some of the girls. You'd be surprised how a big change in hairstyle can change how you see a person. Ask the guys who had to make brunettes blondes and vice versa.
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