Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anatomy of a pin-up Part 3.

Sketch fool, Sketch!
I check out a lot of metal reference photos. I really dug for photos from car shows to get a look at some chrome and how light and shadow would go to extremes on a molded bumper. I you d myself staring at my truck hood on a sunny day just studying how the sun and shadows of trees would mark the seams and lines in the paint. Some people think that's crazy, but its that kind of study of light and life I hope will make me a better painter. I didn't worry if everything turned out looking like her and tried quite a few poses to have a lot to look at and choose from. I think I would do pretty good with her likeness, but as soon as she got the bob haircut, it didn't look like her at all. I drew a few of her with her normal hairstyle and they looked just like her. Then I'd put the bob on top of that drawing and poof, she was gone. I wouldn't normally make this many sketches, but since I was having trouble with the likeness and was new to metal I took my time to try to get it right.
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