Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ripley Sketch

I need more pin ups for Horrorhound and I think next up will be Ripley from Alien. I drew up this sketch and immediately saw influence from Rockin' Jelly Bean, who I love. This was way fast to draw and way fun. I especially liked the egg. I showed some friends and got some flack for her hair but I recalled a chick-fro in the second one and after blocking some images although not as large as the one I drew I'm sure I was right. Also some similarities to the pinup I just drew. Well, big ta-tas and a rifle. But how can you go wrong with that? This is just a Sharpie sketch and I'll do a more finished one in Prismacolors hopefully tonight. I posted this for comments on weather I should persue this style and only got two responses. One of them again commenting on her hair. I'll bug some more people and see what kind of response I get. Maybe include an alien in the background for the actual Horrorhound print since that always seems to be a big draw. If I don't end up doing this style I've got plenty more sketches to draw another Ripley. Either way something will end up in the sketchbook I'll have out at Horrorhound.
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